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RGB Music Sound control LED Light Bar

RGB Music Sound control LED Light Bar

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Are you looking for a fun and unique way to liven up your next party or event? Then check out our RGB Music Sound control LED Light Bar! This amazing light bar features 32 colorful LED lights that dance and change color to the beat of the music. It's perfect for setting the mood at any party or gathering. Plus, it's also great for decorating your home or office for a festive touch.

The RGB Music Sound control LED Light Bar is easy to use, simply plug it in and let the fun begin! You can choose from 8 different light modes, each with its own unique look. And you can adjust the brightness and speed of the lights to create the perfect atmosphere. The built-in microphone makes it easy to control the light show with your voice. So whether you're looking to create a relaxing ambiance or get the party started, this light bar is perfect for any occasion.


Type: D08-RGB material
Material: ABS+ electronic components
Color: White/Black (optional)
Style: USB 5V power supply/rechargeable battery (optional)
USB 5V power supply: be plugged in, without batteries.
Rechargeable battery: Built-in 250mah battery, can be plugged in or fully charged.
Chip type: 16-bit ARM 8-pin chip
With APP or Not: without APP
Input voltage: > DC 5V 1A
Input interface: USB.
Frequency: 50-16KHZ
Dimension: 181*181*16*18.5mm/7.1x7.1x0.63x0.73in
Net weight: 45g
Software support: AGC, Intelligent noise elimination, Firmware update (upgrade via built-in serial port)
Function: 12 dynamic horse racing modes +18 voice control modes
Uses: car/desktop/home speaker/game/outdoor party, etc.

MODE/SPEED key: press briefly to turn the white to select the mode. Long press to turn red-select 5 speeds.
COLOR/BRIGHT key: press white briefly to select color; Long press to turn green-select level 4 brightness at the same time.
Press two keys: press blue at the same time-learn the ambient noise spectrum.
Press and hold COLOR at the same time to enter the gain setting mode.
Power-on (battery model only): Press the COLOR key after power-off.
Turn off (battery models only): face down for 3 seconds.

1. Do not access a power supply higher than 5V, so as not to damage the motherboard. Please use the power supply equipment certified by relevant institutions.
2. Do not immerse in water, or use it under the condition of humidity higher than 90%.
3. Do not use any solvent or liquid except absolute alcohol to wipe the screen.
4. Non-professionals should not disassemble it by themselves. Product failures caused by non-quality problems are not covered by the warranty.
5. Do not use it for children under 6 years old.
6. Unplug the power supply when not in use.

Package includes:

1 x Light Strip
1 x USB Cable
1 x Base
1 x Transparent Sticker
1 x Manual



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